Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Team 1 have departed Malawi

Dear all,

Team 1 have safely departed Malawi, and are en-route to Jo'burg. They are due to land at 07.00 tomorrow at London Heathrow, Terminal 2.

Both the leaders, Victoria and Ingrid, had a great time working with the team, and are hoping that the students will keep up with Team 2's work through their blog!

All the best,

Josh and the whole Inspire team.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

The final day...

Today was our last full day in Malawi ๐Ÿ˜ข we woke up with the sound of angry hippos and then set off for a morning boat safari where we saw crocodiles, more elephants, more hippos, kudos, kingfishers and much more. Then followed by a delicious buffet breakfast. After a bumpy car journey we arrived at Zomba Plato where we saw some waterfalls. 

We are now at Kabula lodge where we are spending our last night and thanks to Lucy we have enjoyed a quiz which Sam and Lucy Brown won. Tomorrow we will wake up and head to the airport where we will say goodbye to this beautiful country and I’m sure we are all going to miss this trip lots but we have made some amazing memories ๐ŸŒŸ

Lots of love from Katie and the rest of team 1!
See you all soon :)


We were all early birds again today leaving camp by 7 after our last breakfast in Kasupe. Tears were shed as we said goodbye to Fanny, Annie, Stevie, Dorothy, the chief, headmaster and all others who supported us over the last two weeks.  Some of the kids came out to wave us off which was so sweet. 

We then had a 2 hour journey to Zomba where we stopped to pick up lunch and had our first encounter with baboons, seated toilets and running water!! After the quick stop off we continued our drive for a further 2 hours to Liwonde national park which is the size of Kent (538 square km) we then drove for another hour to reach our campsite called Mvuu where we set up our tents and made extensive use of the toilets and showers. We then went on an afternoon game drive where we saw such a range of animals- the favourite of most being the lions seeing as there is only 6 in the whole park which were only introduced 4 months ago. We saw 2 males playing around in the grass at which point we took a break to enjoy some soft drinks, roasted peanuts and a beautiful sunset on the hot planes of the safari. Which quickly was proceeded by a peanut fight between the jeeps. Once back at the lodge we were fed till we burst with an open bbq buffet and all then went to sleep in our tents slightly fearing the baboons and hippos which may roam the camp later tonight! 

Ps sorry this blog is late we didn’t have WiFi or signal yesterday! 
Pps- Happy Birthday for tomorrow Dad (Rob Wells) I miss you a lot and am sad I can’t be there with you. Love you- from Kitty
Ppps- Lucie was just sitting on a sofa in the lodge as we were waiting for our game drive, minding her own business and reading a book. We got lollipops with lunch so she was holding it in her hand, when a monkey jumped up behind her and took it straight out of her hand! He ran off with it while she sat there in shock, and he put it in his mouth the same way we eat lollies! It was hilarious. - from Juliet and Lucie

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Final day in Maso

Hi everyone,

It was our final day in Maso today, with a lie in of 8:30 which was well deserved. James, Sam, Ed and Holly all went down to the project site early with all the others following later, after a yoga session, for a final push. It was great to see how far we’ve come and the hard-work we’ve put in. After we enjoyed a popcorn break, packing and showering closely followed. Washing the tents out and sorting out our final outfits was long but necessary. 
Lunch with the fundies consisted of - you guessed it - rice and beans! It was really nice to have a sit down with the people that have worked with us for the past week or so. It was lovely to hear what the chief and headmaster had to say about us and they wished us well, saying “Maso is now your new home”. 
Gatecrashing a wedding was interesting and peculiar- it was vastly different to the ceremony we are accustomed to at home. It was a little awkward but we appreciated the gesture. 
Our final night here was great, a full rave in the kitchen and various games such as dobble and mafia. 
It’s going to be upsetting to say goodbye to the community but we’re all excited for some downtime at the Safari. 

Can’t wait to see you all soon, it’s not long now and we have lots of stories to tell ❤

James and Lucie xxx

P.S Happy Birthday Morgan from all of team 1 xo

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Night skies

Hey everyone! Last night we were lucky enough to see a lunar eclipse as well as the Milky Way and multiple shooting stars!๐ŸŒŸToday was an early one - but well worth it. Our day started with a beautiful sunrise ๐ŸŒ… before heading back for our favourite part of the day - porridge!๐Ÿฅฃ We had another productive day on the site with plastering and cement mixing being the highlight of course! Its scary to think tomorrow is our last morning on project, we won’t miss the hard labour.

After Lunch we had a market brought to us where we could buy gifts for our families and many of us got to practice bartering! ๐Ÿ’ฐAfter the market we had a party with the community which again involved lots of twerking which was a highlight for many of us - we hope our dancing has improved this trip!๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿผ

Not long to go now until we are home where we can have warm showers. However we are going to miss this place loads as well as the friends we have made here. We have all learnt so much and we hope the next few days go slowly so we can enjoy every moment whilst it lasts.๐Ÿ˜„

Lots of love to everyone at home,
We hope you are all well๐Ÿ’œ
See you soon,
Pops, Katie and the rest of team 1 (the best)

Ps Lucy says love and miss you St’ers ๐Ÿ’œ

Poppy says no huge spiders or snakes here - we’ve been lucky, miss you! ๐Ÿ

Friday, 27 July 2018

It’s warming up...

It was a very hot morning on the building site today (though perhaps not as hot as England by the sounds of things). We’ve made so much progress on the site, which is amazing but means there’s less jobs for us to do. We’re starting to tidy up around the site instead to make ourselves useful. Hopefully we will finish plastering the second room tomorrow as well. 
We finished work on the site early today in order to hold a football match against the fundies (builders) we’ve been working with. Everyone got involved and did their best which was really nice to see. The village headmaster’s son even joined in on our team! Everyone who didn’t play was cheering our team on (even the Malawians, which was unexpected but really lovely) from the side or taking photos, and we ended up beating them 2-1. 
Back in the compound after the match, a few of us took part in a sunset yoga session led by Mrs T. It was such a beautiful backdrop, with orange sky and mountains behind us, and lots of the village children stood at the fence to watch us, which was quite funny. 
We’re staying up later tonight because there will be a lunar eclipse over Malawi, which we’ll be able to see fully, so everyone is quite excited about that (thanks Mr Ellis for letting us know!)
Sorry it’s not a poem today, my rhyme could be considered a crime. 
Hope you’re all well and we miss everyone at home lots, 
Love Faith and Juliet (nachti bis morgen) and the rest of Malawi #1 

PS. Mrs D, you just reminded me of the Diet Coke I stole from plane, I’m now currently enjoying it and thinking of you! Katie x

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Impressive poetry skills

Hello friends, family and lovers,
Today we awoke like brothers,
Project was short and sweet,
Let me tell you most of us are now craving meat,
We cemented and plastered all day long,
And on coach we sang some songs,
To the clinic off we went,
It was an afternoon well spent,
Here we learnt of malaria, HIV and babies,
We met a mother who was a very young lady,
We came back and ate some dinner,
And we all finished the day as a winner!

Our cravings have grown,
And thinking of what we’d like to eat when we get home:

Emily- steak and pepper corn sauce 
Holly- fresh cut up fruit
Ed- 3 plain doubles from McDonald’s 
Poppy- spaghetti carbonara
Tamara- wagas and a burger 
Kitty- 5 guys and bbq chicken bacon baguette from that shop by McDonald’s 
James- shreddies
Lucy Brown- a steak, McDonald’s and a 5 guys and taco
Harriet- hรณllomi and mushroom wrap from Nando’s and 5 guys and a sausage bacon and pork baguette with bbq sauce 
Rudy- chicken legend
Sam- chicken bacon parmazan rocket sandwich on artisan bread 
Lucie- 5 guys
Lucy Butler- 5 guys
Katie- salmon and water melon and dark chocolate 
Faith- a hot meal with beef
Juliet- fresh food with avocado
Aylish- hallomi
Mr McDaid- chicken jalfrezi 
Mrs twinam- spag bol 

So family’s get preparing,
We also need to change what we are wearing ;) 

We really appreciate all your comments and look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon. 

We love you to Malawi and back,
Love from,
Harriet and Lucy Brown 

(We love love and miss you 47 club and our dogs ๐Ÿ•, amirite boys, keep on commenting)